Building Women Leaders In Male-Dominated Industries

We take careers & companies to the next level. Our immersive learning programs empower leaders with the breakthrough skills they need to succeed.

The ZeroGap Advantage is a 4-step process identifies gaps and curates leadership strategy to increase engagement and retention. This process allows you to focus on what you’re great at, and we design the blueprint to enhance the diversity of the leadership team.


In today’s modern business era, most companies haven’t caught up to the fact cultivating leaders internally is a critical component of long-term sustainable success. Many instead leave leadership development as an optional tool, which in turn leads to an unstable work environment and a sense of career progression futility among employees.

Here at ZeroGap, we provide companies with the leadership development toolkit to transform their business into an innovative platform that encourages internal development and engages employees to assume leadership responsibilities. Emphasizing the value of Women’s Leadership Development will allow you to outpace your competitors with higher efficiency and lower workforce turnover.

Our unmatched training programs will demonstrate how your untapped leadership talent can completely transform the business.


women leaders in male-dominated industries


The Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women on their senior management teams had a 34 percent higher total return to shareholders than those with the lowest women’s representation - according to catalyst.

"Consider these two questions as you and your organization make the commitment to enable your ERG into a powerful advancement platform where talent and business development interconnect and build upon one another: 1. How can your ERG better influence corporate growth and unlock opportunities for business by giving its members a voice? 2. How can your ERG be more strategic about how to positively impact the recruitment, engagement and building of a workplace culture that is most favorable to the changing face of America and that represents the fastest growing workforce communities?“ (Forbes, 2012)

Companies leverage Employee Resources Groups to develop a leadership pipeline while building skills that align with company goals and gaining insight into opportunity gaps to innovate and services diverse client populations. This is vital retaining women leaders within male-dominated industries.

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  • 70% of companies leverage ERGS for customer focused retention

  • 30% of companies increase supplier diversity utilizing ERG networks

  • 90% of companies with an ERG increase onboarding effectiveness

    Employee Resource Groups are not social networks but are groups of individuals that strategically impact business success leading innovation and providing a qualified leadership pipeline.