10 ways to engage with your high potential leaders

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Leadership is more than thought it's skill. Impact comes through experience and for women leaders navigating the dynamics of male-dominated industries providing a training ground for transformational leadership is essential for success.

Leadership is ever expanding, learning and development is the foundation of giving your managers the insight to discover more ways to lead effectively.

  1. Provide individualized leadership development for everyone.

  2. Give honest and tactical feedback to support her growth as a leader.

  3. Ask questions about their experience as woman who leads within a traditionally male-dominated industry.

  4. Support women leaders by connecting them to stretch assignments that also increase exposure.

  5. Encourage her to create a personal leadership development strategy.

  6. Teach and talk to women about the business, strategy and financials.

  7. Support time off for professional development, build in time for dedicated focus on skills development.

  8. Set-up mentoring and sponsorship conversations, even informal systems work.

  9. Show enthusiasm and support for her risky ideas.

  10. Encourage women to raise their hand even if they don’t meet all the qualifications.

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