2021 Women in Leadership Resource Guide: Executive Presence

In a recent episode of the WinningSeason Podcast for women leaders in male-dominated industries host, Jacqueline V. Twillie breaks down Executive Presence. She shares how to make these skills a habit in everyday leadership. Jacqueline gives us 5 exercises to practice to make it stronger. Winning Season is the podcast for women leaders in male-dominated industries, the podcast celebrates the winning season with tools and resources that help women thrive in their careers.

5 Executive Presence Tips

1.Self Awareness

Self Awareness allows you to understand where you can have greater influence and impact, as a leader being self-aware will help you to harness the ability to influence to drive results.

2.Imposter Syndrome And Self Efficacy

Self-efficacy is the antidote to imposter syndrome. If you have doubts about a task by tapping into self-efficacy you’ll be able to regain confidence in yourself to make decisions.

3.Power And How To Get Comfortable With Power

Women are taught to be humble and keep quiet and just get the work done but when you are in power, being humble when making decisions can backfire, it can lead to your team second-guessing your decisions. Embrace your position to lead and make decisions with confidence.

4.The Power Of Questions: Ask Probing Questions

When you have to gather information ask open vs closed-ended questions. The intention of asking questions is to gather information, learn the skill of presenting questions that allow you to gain information. In business and in life, the more you know, the better-informed decisions you’ll be able to make.


It is what you say and do when no one is watching. These are the values that you have and the best way is to note the down and also compare it with the values of the company that you are in.

Practice these tips to strengthen your leadership and remember to emulate excellence and eliminate excuses.

Additional Resources on Executive Presence, download the PDF below

2021 Executive Presence_ Emerging Exec (
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