22 Women Leaders in Male-Dominated Industries You Should Follow

I overheard a conversation a few days ago related to someone not being able to find women in male-dominated industries for leadership roles. From my daily work leading ZeroGap.co I know male-dominated industries like the back of my favorite book. My ears perked up and I resisted the temptation to invite myself into a conversation with strangers. Days later, I'm still thinking about that conversation and the amazing women are leading in male-dominated industries. I know there's no shortage and you can probably think of several women as you're reading this post. Instead of going on a rant about how wrong that person is, I decided to highlight amazing women leaders.

Here's the start of a list of women leaders we should all know in male-dominated industries and my hope is that you'll add to it! ~ Jacqueline Twillie

Find the full list here:

  1. Kim Cummings AVP, Human Resources & Diversity @BNSF Railway

  2. Phylicia Brown, CPA Digital Content Manager at The Home Depot

  3. Hannah Miller Diaz Consultant at Bain & Company

  4. Tamisha McQuilkin Partner Program Manager at Mailchimp

  5. Molly Kurnit Health Communication @ CDC

  6. Anjie Vichayanonda Founder, Legal Leg Up

  7. Dr. Cindy Pace Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at MetLife | Lecturer at Columbia University| Leadership Scholar-Practitioner

  8. Jessica Vittorio, The Texas Startup Lawyer

  9. LaConya Murray, Esq The Brand Attorney, helping entrepreneurs protect their brand

  10. Jeannette Torrents Vice President and Principal at JVA Civil Engineering

  11. Patina Grayson Marketing for Financial Services, Investment Management, and Insurance

  12. Jean Boen Roberts Director of Annual Giving

  13. Clara Landry Federal Inclusion & Diversity Executive Leader at Accenture Federal Services

  14. Julia Ritz Toffoli Senior Associate Strategy Officer at Open Society Foundations; Founder & Principal at Women Who Whiskey

  15. Tracci Schultz, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Engineering & Operational Solutions FedEx Freight

16. Bronwyn Morgan, Drone Expert & Founder Airversity Drone Academy

17. Sandra da Cruz Martins Game Artist at King

18. Rosa Olivia Becerra Blancarte Director at Cortamex

19. Jessica Johnson-Cope President, Johnson Security Bureau, Inc.

20. Cheryl McKissack Daniel President and CEO of McKissack & McKissack

21. Carole Forestier-Kasapi Master Watchmaker at Cartier

22. Valerie Zarda Lead Global Mobility at BHP

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