7 Podcast on Change for Leaders

Change is one of those topics that we've heard and experienced many times. However, in the face of change, we may still seek new tools to help manage those situations that may be uncertain. The following podcast episodes provide unique ways to approach and manage change within organizations.

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” Raymond Lindquist

Here's your quick guide to podcast episodes on change for leaders.

  1. Coffee & Change, Episode 14: Change and the Human Condition

  2. Creating a Climate for Change Through Improvisation

  3. Showing Up on the Change Agent Podcast

  4. The Right Way to Fire the Wrong Employee on the Lead to Win with Michael HyattPodcast

  5. Become Friends with Your Rivals from the WorkLife with Adam Grant Podcast

  6. The crisis of leadership -- and a new way forward | Bryn Freedman on the TED Talks Business video series

  7. The Secret To Managing Your Remote Team from the Safe For Work Podcast

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