Executive Presence for Women Leaders

Executive presence is known as this mysterious “X factor” that you either have as a leader or you don’t. But is it possible for women to develop this “X factor”, even if they believe they aren’t blessed with a charismatic or witty personality? Jacqueline explores what executive presence is and how executive presence enhances your leadership.

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Here’s a quick recap

  • Defining “executive presence”

  • Do you need a certain personality to have executive presence?

  • Finding your unique skills as a leadership

  • A quick 5-minute exercise you can do to get feedback on your unique skills

  • Why coaches are an essential skill for ANY leader

  • How do you communicate with executive presence?

  • Power of the pause

  • Do you need to be witty or funny to have executive presence?

  • Can I boost my executive presence as a leader?

Conversation Highlights

{00:46] Defining “executive presence”

[2:28] Gravitas and how it relates to executive presence

[3:35] Embracing your unique self

[4:35] A quick 5-minute leadership assessment

[5:21] Awareness

[7:00] Silence

[9:00] Humor

[9:30} Confidence

[10:11} Style

[11:37} Clarity

Power Leadership Quotes to Remember

“Embrace your uniqueness.”

“When you know what you’re really good at, you can double down on those things.”

“All of the greats. They have a coach.”

“Silence is a very powerful tool to command attention.”

“When you know that you know that you know what you’re talking about, you’re able to exude a confidence level that is above anything else.”

Important Links

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