Most of us try to run from failure or we try to “protect” ourselves so we don’t fail.

Today’s leadership Tip of the Day is taken from our “Risk Resilience and Reward” Training program.

In that training, we teach women leaders to embrace these risks from a framework of being “Big Bold and Smart”.

Today, in this video, however, I simply want to give you the perfect formula for embracing failure.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[00:47] The “Failure Time Session” Formula

[00:50] What some people would do when big audacious goals seem unattainable.

[01:05] An powerful analogy from a traffic jam situation on your way to work- do you phone your office, quit your job and go back home?

[01:26] With The Failure Time Session what we teach you to look at the challenge in a different light, just like in a traffic jam situation.

[01:33- 02:10] The 4 Steps of the FTS formula:

  1. Assess the situation by asking pertinent questions

  2. Look for an alternative route

  3. Communicate with important team members assistant, supervisors

  4. Inch closer to your goal no matter the pace.

Key Quotes

“When we have a goal and it seems unattainable or getting a little “cookie” for us to achieve, some of us wanna abandon it or throw it away and start afresh. However, this is something we wouldn’t do with our jobs if we were stuck in traffic!”

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