Updated: Jan 25

It’s no news that work is so different now than it was just months ago.

How do you lead in this changing environment? What are the core principles that you should reiterate to your team?

That’s the subject of today’s 2-minute Leadership Tip episode.

Take a dive in!

Timestamped Video Notes:

[00:33] Your company’s core values is one of the key principles you need

to restate to your team.

[01:00} What we must do beyond having company values stated in our

company’s handbooks or on its walls.

[01:16] Reiterating and demonstrating your values to your team may

seem trivial, but it’s something they need to hear now!

[01:24] Your team needs to know that you exemplify and will amplify

hope, generosity, courage, integrity, at the highest levels, etc.

Key Quotes:

“...it’s during times of crisis and chaos that we have to live out

those values- to communicate them more often than we would

have, and to express what it means to have values that centre us

and that ground us.” ~ Jacqueline Twillie


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