“No More Secret Allies” with Jodi-Ann Burey on the Winning Season Podcast

Jodi-Ann Burey is a speaker, writer, and equity advocate. Her work is grounded in centering the experiences of historically underrepresented communities and the systematic intersectional approaches needed to address inequities. She is currently working on her first book and podcast called Black Cancer, which explores the stories about women of color and healthcare.

“No More Secret Allies” Piece on LinkedIn

- No More Secret Allies is a powerful piece Jodi Ann wrote on her LinkedIn Profile. She used this platform to express the accurate reflection of what she was feeling about people who are “secret allies” of the Racism Culture black folks have long endured. People who she calls “secret allies” are those who want to be allies with her but aren’t really part of the system. They are those people who are not willing to risk professional careers, losing relationships to fight for what they say they value.

- She doesn’t need anger. She needs action. No More Secret Allies.

Racism is a public health issue

- Research studies show that the medical community think and feels that black people don’t feel pain or have a high level of tolerance. Recalling Jodi Ann’s cancer journey, it took 3 years for her to get diagnosed, going in and out of doctors’ offices and convincing them that the pain that she was feeling was real. It was only after 3 years that she was told that she has a tumor in the spinal cord and that she needs surgery to be taken it out.

- People create environments that make black people sick. Not because genetically black people are sick, they put factories to pollute air in black and brown communities. There's a system that creates sickness in black people, not just environmentally, but also even in our offices.

- Chronic racial stress that damages you physiologically that impacts what is actually physically happening in your body.

Eradicating Racism

- A whole system that needs to shift. We need to have a racial equity lens on all the decisions that we make that impact people of color.

- The biggest work is for leaders and decision-makers who decide things around where businesses go, different policies around the environment should look at things through a racial equity lens.

- Advocate for yourself and look for people who will advocate for you. Do research because that’s how you are going to advance as an individual in this system.

Upcoming Book: Black Cancer

- The book, Black Cancer talks about her journey of depression from a heartbreak and how her cancer diagnosis saved her from that because it gave her something to fight for to want to live.

- The book also talks about what it means to seek help. When you are a black woman, society and even you perceive yourself as strong. So how do strong people ask for help? How do strong people get help? Do you know how to help strong people? The book, Black Cancer will disrupt this idea of strong as something that protects you. Being strong is something that can also put you at risk, because maybe you're not aware of when you need help.

Jodi-Ann's Upcoming Podcast: Black Cancer

- Guests invited are cancer survivors, people who are currently going through treatment, caregivers of family members who had their cancer journey and those who lost loved ones due to cancer.

Key Quotes


And so what all of that says to me is that it's not about you not having the resources to support this work. It is about your prioritization. It is about social pressure. It's about political will. It's about you actually wanting to do the work. Right, right. Right, because there's this massive social pressure right now to show up for black lives. People who fired all their black people are trying to figure out how to show up right now. Is it because this company is shifting and their dynamics and they want to work towards racial equity and all of that? No. There's a portal that is open right now that demands that corporations and organizations show up for racial equity. And they're trying to meet that demand


I want the companies that don't hire black people, don't pay black people, don't promote black people don't listen to black people, I want them to say, Black Lives Matter. I want you to say that you stand in black lives. Because you're bad corporate statement becomes the door. That becomes the avenue for me to start asking for receipts. You can't ask for receipts if they don't make that statement.


I think about the slower rates that black folks get diagnosed with the disproportionate maternal mortality rate with black and brown mothers with what's happening with COVID-19. Not because genetically black people are sick, but we create environments that make black people sick. black kids don't just happen to have more asthma. You put your factories to pollute the air in black and brown communities. There's a system that creates sickness in black people, not just environmentally, but also even in our offices. Your toxic work environment makes me sick.

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