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Underperforming Employees?

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Dealing with underperforming employees who are unfocused and disengaged is one of the greatest challenges that women in business face. Employees who are struggling to keep up can sap up life out of any business if not managed well and on time and can pull a startup under as well. On the other hand, when managed correctly, employees can become a business greatest asset.

How do you cope with underperforming employees as a leader? You don’t have to let underperformance problems escalate to a point where you’re forced to fire an employee. One of the highly valuable skills that you should develop as a leader in your organization is being able to transform your underperforming employees into outstanding performers.

In this recap of PowerBanking, Jacqueline tackles the leadership challenge topic, specifically on how-to on what do when you really like an employee as a person, but in terms of them getting their work done, they're not cutting it. You can see the signs that it's time to let them go, but you have invested in them as a leader, you understand their personal circumstances, you understand they have a lot going on and you are worried about the financial impact that letting them go is going to have. I also share some tips on a couple of things to consider as you're going through this phase.

About the PowerBanking Podcast

PowerBanking is The Podcasts for women leaders who work in male-dominated industries. Hosted by Founder of ZeroGap.co & best-selling author, Jacqueline V. Twillie. The focus of this podcast is on tools and strategies that help women enhance their leadership blueprint and embrace her power to effective in work and life.

Episode Highlights

[2:40] Firstly, have a conversation with that employee about their performance by setting up an appropriate plan and timeline

[3:50] Regularly check-in and don’t expect the person to change overnight.

[4:30] Set achievable milestones for that person without micromanaging

[05:25] Use your discretion to make adjustments to the plan you created if it’s working on one area and not the other.

[05:45] What to do when there’s little or no improvement.

[06:18] Be very clear and continuously communicate. No one should be alarmed or surprised when they get fired.

[06:50] How to let an employee go

[07:10] Find an alternative position for an underperforming employee where they’re best suited.

[07:30] Identify people on your team who can get things done really well

[08:00] Episode summary

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