This episode is an excerpt from the Women in Business Conference that I was a keynote speaker for.

In this session, I shared about “Power Moves” you can use during a negotiation to increase the chances of your desired positive outcome- an increased salary.

Enjoy the episode.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[00:02] I always have a bottle of water with me at every negotiation

Meeting. It’s my power move.

  • We all have our Power Clutch items- that thing that we hold that helps us feel in control. Mine is a water bottle.

[00:14] If things begin to get out of hand during an in-person

negotiation, I put a halt to it and ask to be excused to go to the

restroom which is simply an excuse to go gather my thoughts


  • If it’s an on-phone negotiation, I simply feign a cough just to buy some time to reset. [00:48]

[01:14] An example of how you sound when you have never mentioned a

$110,000 confidently as salary before.

[01:37] A cell phone rehearsal exercise to help you develop confidence

and flow before your actual negotiation session.

  • If you can, record yourself in video rehearsing the negotiation and play it over and over again to yourself.

I used to do this too.

  • This exercise helped me realize how much I was using filler words, and to become much better at negotiating.


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