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Updated: Jan 25

I hope this finds you well. I know these can be stressful times for people and communities, including our very own ZeroGap community. We are engaging in conversations with impressive business professionals to talk about individual challenges and unique opportunities in the coming months. Knowing how to navigate dynamic environments and how to solve complex business problems are essential for modern business leaders.

I shared this video message on LinkedIn because it captures my view on our current state of events.

To be honest, I've lost sleep thinking about how to use my platform to drive greater change. My mentor encouraged me to continue with my work to support women. Because women are bearing the brunt of the pandemic and even before that we were striving to advance in leadership and get paid what we're worth. I know for sure that women have jobs that give them flexibility and pay them well. Women are then able to support their communities in such a strong way! So, I am committed during this time of rapid change to be here and support you.

I would like the opportunity to talk with you about how our top-ranked ZeroGap Group Coaching program can provide that knowledge. We are looking to start our next cohort on June 15, 2020.

The ZeroGap Resilient Leaders program is designed for professionals with a path toward higher management and business leadership. Your cohort members will come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, which will become the foundation for your future business network.

The curriculum includes a strategically focused core, four-part web-based learn videos, and bi-weekly sessions with me. With top leadership in mind, the program offers opportunities for professional development and networking with alumni and business leaders to help propel you further in your career.

ZeroGap Resilient Leaders program is an application only program. To customize for your leadership development program or women's employee resource group email our team.

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