Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Success

Self-sabotage is when our actions or inaction are in direct conflict with achieving our goals. Can you relate to turning down an exciting career building project or business opportunity that you knew would accelerate your growth?

I can recall one too many insistences where I've sabotaged myself. Through my work at, I've come to realize that this is an issue many women secretly struggle with. Overcoming this secret battle is a lot easier than most realize.

Here are four simple steps to stop self-sabotage.

  1. Give yourself a pep talk, think of a time you encouraged a colleague or friend. Take the advice you give to those you believe in. Self-efficacy is an antidote to imposter syndrome.

  2. Create a brag folder and review it whenever you have thoughts that are not in alignment with the goals you've set. *Your brag folder can be as simple as a folder of emails you've received commending you on a job well done. * Learn more in Navigating The Career Jungle

  3. Recognize the thought patterns that have previously held you back from stepping outside of your comfort zone to accomplish your biggest goals. Through the AHA self-reflection exercise, you'll begin to shift into action.


“There is no failure as long as you learn from your experience, continue to work, and continue to press on for success.”

Looking for a deeper dive into tips to overcome self-sabotage?

Enroll in the online course Nah, I Know My Value.

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