Its no news that this is a trying time for everyone of us all around the world!

Day in day out, chilling news about the COVID-19 virus keeps getting released, and I’m here to help you focus on ways you can reduce the impact that the events of these moments will have on your organization.

Today’s leadership tip, is the second tip I’m giving in our “Leading In The Midst Of Crisis and Chaos Series”.

Today’s tip centers around taking care of your people or as we usually call it, your team.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[00:45] Organizations don’t run if we don’t have the proper people in place.

[00:52] Why its important that you help your team members maintain their focus.

[01:05] Your task as a leader of your team, now that they are working remotely during

this period of distress.

[01:27] Touch base with your team to understand where they are, and how you can best

support them, so they can in turn best serve your company and clients

[01:36] Stress the importance of being agile at this period to to your team, now that

things are changing rapidly, day to day.

[01:49] It’s also important to communicate concisely and effectively with your team.

Key Quotes:

“We Know as leaders that organizations don’t run if we don’t have the proper

people in place.” ~ Jacqueline Twillie

“.….emulate excellence and eliminate excuses.” ~ Jacqueline Twillie


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