Tate, Project Manager

When our company began looking for solutions to fill the negotiation skills gap, we reached out to ZeroGap.co the multi-session training was an instant game-changer. Within 2 weeks we saw an increase in our deals. It was the method that helped us realize we were indeed leaving money on the table. 

Josh, President

To enhance my views on women working in my company. I went to hear Jacqueline speak at a women's conference and learned about the challenges women in male-dominated industries face, especially in negotiations. After a series of negotiation training sessions, our team identified areas where lack of communication caused us to lose deals. We're now using the LATTE framework and communicating more efficiently. This has resulted in a 47% increase on our bottom line in 13 months. 

Shannon, Employee Engagement Advisor

The ZeroGap virtual training experience delivered practical information that the women in our organization could relate to. We're problem-solving every day in the changing environment and the negotiation methods we learned has increased our ability to be resilient and focus on how to thrive not just survive this environment. 


"We ordered this negotiation book and workbook set for our entire team! We love how we are now operating using the L.A.T.T.E. framework as our primary negotiation strategy."

Shannon, Team Lead

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