We offer seminars for managers and executive level women. Each seminar is capped at 15 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need.  

Executive Presence

1 Day Session 

9:00am – 4:00pm

$750 per person

Get the personalized feedback you need to develop a more powerful presence. Understanding how your strengths play into today’s management style

Career Planning 

1 Day Session
9am – 4pm

$750 per person

Strategically use your strengths and abilities as your competitive edge in navigating office politics and career progression. Guarding your personal time: The secret to avoiding management burn-out and stress overload. Developing your Personal Action Plan.

Negotiation Strategy

2 Day Session
9am – 3pm

$1290 per person

Recognize opportunities to increase your success through negotiation. Manage negotiations effectively while sustaining good working relationships. Key negotiation strategies for getting what you want without being a steamroller.



Women in Leadership Series

3 Sessions
10am – 3pm

$1,850 series price

Managing organizational relationship as you polish your Executive Presence. Recognize opportunities to increase your success through negotiation

Assertive Communication, Conflict Resolution. 

Assertive Leadership

1 Day Session
9am – 4pm

$750 per person

Assertive communication techniques to ask for what you need directly and tactfully.Supervision techniques guaranteed to earn you cooperation and respect.

Navigating The Double Bind

1 Day Session
9am – 4pm

$750 per person

Leveraging gender dimensions associated with successful leadership traits. Best-practices for handling the double bind. 

One-on-One Coaching Available -Email

Women's Employee Resource Groups

Wednesdays and Fridays only
Limited options available

Our team will customize a 2 hour interactive workshop for the women in your organization. We come to use and train up to 45 women per session. Email us for more information